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The RichardsApex Management System is certified to the requirements of ISO9001:2008

As domestic and international markets demand more from their lubricant suppliers, RichardsApex has responded. With constant innovations in raw materials we are always looking to improve our product line and therefore improve our customer’s position. NFS-89 our newest Semi Synthetic, addresses the need for a versatile product that can handle the heavy workload of a variety of metals. NFS-89 incorporates the latest technology to produce a stable, low foam, clean running emulsion capable of drawing a wide range of copper and plated copper alloys. Suitable for rod breakdown to fine wire, NFS-89 is proving to be an excellent multipurpose, low maintenance workhorse. To learn more about the NFS-89 and how it will improve your operation, please email


We use our laboratory facilities and highly - trained, experienced technicians to help customers solve their own, unique manufacturing problems. We provide the most effective, economical custom formulations for any metalworking application. >>Click Here

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 14, 2015 RichardsApex current communication on compliance with new OSHA Hazard Communication Standards.

Dear Valued Customer, please review the attached letter with information regarding the new hazard communication standards and how this will affect your RichardsApex products. We have worked hard to understand and create Safety Data Sheets and labels that comply with the new standards set forth in 29 CFR 1910.1200. By following these standards you will notice changes on the classification and labeling of these products. The products have not changed and no formulas have been altered, however the way in which we communicate the hazards of our products has changed. We hope this communication helps you understand how these regulations have affected our products.

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