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During our 110 years of service to the metalworking industries, RichardsApex has seen the machining industry mature into a very sophisticated and demanding field. Our range of products reflects these changes, as we offer the entire spectrum of lubricant types required in today's intensive world of extended tool life, bio-stability, cleanliness and critical surface requirements. From conventional soluble oils, to semi-synthetics, to true synthetics, RichardsApex has a product to meet the parameters specified in today's machining industry.

Rolling Compounds Cleaning Compounds
Wire Drawing Compounds Stamping & Deep Drawing Compounds
Wire Coating Compounds High Temperature Compounds
Cold Heading Compounds Machining Lubricants and Coolants
Tube Drawing Compounds Anti-Rust Compounds


Rolling Compounds
Wire Drawing Compounds
Wire Coating Compounds
Cold Heading Compounds
Tube Drawing Compounds
Cleaning Compounds
Stamping & Deep Drawing Compounds
High Temperature Compounds
Machining Lubricants & Coolants
Anti-Rust Compounds
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