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RichardsApex specializes in wire drawing lubricants.

They are the foundation of our success and the backbone of our business. Our knowledge of the entire wire and cable process from Rod manufacture to fine wire to cabling and armoring is what sets us apart from the rest. We have the lubricants from start to finish to maximize your production.   For superior die life, cleanliness and machine efficiency, let us partner with you to select the best product for your application. From semi-synthetics, full synthetics to oil based lubricants,  RichardsApex is the name you can trust.

  • semi-synthetics for drawing copper
  • soluble quench anneal compounds for copper wire
  • soluble oils for drawing aluminum wire
  • straight oils for drawing steel and alloy wire
  • water solubles for drawing steel and alloy wire
  • total synthetics for drawing copper
  • in-line drawing oils for copper wire
  • straight oils for drawing aluminum wire
  • greases for drawing all metal types
  • cold-heading lubricants for steel and alloy wire
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